Bar Catering Services

Bar Catering Services


Open Bar

Unlimited beverages for all guests. Options include:


Beer & Wine 

Beer, Wine, & Liquor 

Beer, Wine, & Signature Drinks

Pricing starts at $23/person for 4 hours  

18% gratuity and service fee


Cash Bar

Guests pay per drink on site of the event.


Cash or credit is accepted.

Bartending fees apply.



One tab of guest drinks tracked throughout the event to be charged at the end of the night. 

A predetermined tab limit can be set for the event. Once the limit is met, the bar service will switch to a cash bar.

18% gratuity and service fee

We offer several beverage packages to suit the needs for your event 

Tailored & Customized Services

At Full Pour Bar Catering, we understand events do not always fit into a standard package. We will work diligently to customize a bar catering package to fit the desired outcome of your event. Connect with us to learn more about how we can meet you bar catering needs!